Start of a New Home

It is a bittersweet moment when an older home has outlived its time. It has been lived in and appreciated by all for many years. The current owners have lived in this vintage home for many years. Now they have decided to expand. We will always remember this old Florida A-framed house on Anna Maria. We are so excited to start building this new home with such amazing owners. They had the Australian Pines located on the property milled and the old tongue and groove ceiling carefully removed to be used as interior decor in the new house. We love that they want to keep the vintage charm and memories to bring into their new home.

The owners made sure to be here for the demo to say their goodbyes and mark a new beginning on the home they have been waiting to build. 

The pilings have been set and the structure is ready to take way.  Here is a video on the piling settings.  We will keep everyone posted on the progress of our this new project on Anna Maria!